• Stardust Universe

Stardust, literally "Star Dust", evokes a feeling, a dream sensation.

It is precisely on this dream that the « Stardust » universe is built.

Stardust is the epic story of a people with a much more advanced technology than ours and mainly dedicated to fun and safety. They travel the universe and settle on certain planets that, in their eyes, have lost the notion of fun.

Their planet, Tantalia, is located more than 50 light years from Earth. Tantalia takes its name from tantalum, a rare and precious metal on Earth, very present on Tantalia and which gives it its blue color.

More information about Tantalia and Tantalians in the encyclopedia.

The Stardust Park team has established a close friendship and benefits from the help and technology of the Tantalians to equip its playground with the best in the universe.

On June 20, 2006, the Stardust Universe landed on Earth and, on board, a scouting team of 6 members: Luke, Poka, Parys, Axl, Flor and Foox.

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