• Park regulations

Excerpts from the regulations:

Eating and drinking on the playground is not allowed..
Shoes must be removed and left in the lockers for this purpose. Socks are mandatory.
Personal effects are the sole responsibility of the owners..
All kinds of accessories are forbidden on the playground..
Les parents et accompagnants de 13 ans et plus ne peuvent rester sur les aires de jeux; des bancs sont à leur disposition un peu partout dans le parc.
Visitors must respect the cleanliness of the park. There is a large number of bins available..
Parents without children are not allowed on the playground..
Respect for the physical and moral integrity of other visitors is essential; violating this can lead to expulsion without warning..
Animals are not allowed.
Picnicking is forbidden. Only food (drinks, snacks, meals, sweets...) for sale in the park itself are allowed. Candy machines and a bar/restaurant are available..
Any exit is final.
Any entry into the park must imply acceptance of these rules. We reserve the right to refuse entry or exclude anyone who does not comply with the rules and regulations and the written or unwritten rules in force in the centre..
The full regulations can be consulted in full in this document.
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