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The Stardust Universe

Stardust, literally "Star Dust", evokes a feeling, a dreamlike feeling.

This dreamlike feeling is precisely what built the "Stardust" universe.

Stardust is the epic of a people with technology far more advanced than ours, mainly devoted to fun and safety. They travel the universe and settle on certain planets which, in their eyes, lost all notion of fun.

Their planet Tantalia is located more than fifty light years from Earth. It is named after tantalum, a metal, rare and precious on earth, that gives Tantalia its blue color.

Find more information on Tantalia and Tantaliens Encyclopedia.

The team of Stardust Park tied a frank friendship and profits from the assistance and the technology of Tantaliens to equip the park with the best of what is made in the universe.

On June 20, 2006, the spacecraft "Stardust Universe" landed on Earth with a team of six scouts on board: Luke, Poka, Parys, Axl, and Flor foox.