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The rules

Instructions posted on the games must be strictly obeyed. Before starting an activity, please check that the child is of the age indicated on the activity, and that the activity has not yet reached capacity.

It is forbidden to eat or drink on the playgrounds. Adults without children are not allowed on the playgrounds.
Shoes should be removed and left in the lockers provided for this purpose. Socks are mandatory. Respect for the physical and moral integrity of other visitors is essential, and any breach of this principle may result in expulsion without warning..
Personal effects are the sole responsibility of their owners. Pets are not allowed.
Accessories of all kinds are prohibited on the playgrounds. Picnics are forbidden. Only food (drinks, snacks, meals, confectionery...) for sale in the park is allowed. Snack machines and a bar / restaurant are available.
Parents and guardians aged 13 and over cannot stay on the playgrounds. Benches are available around the park. Every exit is final.
Visitors are to respect the cleanliness of the premises. The park has many bins. Everyone entering the park must accept these rules. We reserve the right to refuse entry or to exclude anyone who does not respect the written and unwritten rules in force at the centre.