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Tantalia is a small planet located more than 50 light years from Earth. Tantalia is named after tantalum, a metal, rare and precious on earth, that gives Tantalia its blue color.

Tantalia is located in the constellation Pegasus and revolves around a yellow dwarf star called 51 Pegasi. Tantalia revolves around its star in 1136 days (which is therefore, the length of its year). Its atmosphere is similar to ours. 65% of Tantalia is covered with a liquid chemically equivalent to our water, but whose colour varies with light.

The Tantaliens are a peaceful people (they have not had a war in 6 billion years). They form a close-knit community letting the common wellbeing of everyone prevail on the individual wellbeing.

They live in perfect harmony with the animals inhabiting their world and know no pollution.

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